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June 03, 2009


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Buck Powers

Our household is also dealing with the cyclical urge to purge. A couple weeks ago the boys clothes were culled. This is a fifth level of hades experience that involves my wife (who spares me the torture) having the kids try on an endless supply of fabric that is either saved, stuffed in the sack for donation, or put in the tub for next year as they have not quite reached the size of the cousin that has handed it down. This takes HOURS and usually involves a post-trauma cigarette to mollify her.

I do take up slack by heaving stacks of papers into recycling. Seems J cannot let a scrap (literally) of paper go because she has scrawled some number or note on the back of it. In addition, the kids bring home worksheets by the pallet-full. Yes, I'm so proud of my son who brings home a math sheet emblazoned with a red "Whale of a Good Job!" stamp, but I also need to see the top of the kitchen table.

I guess I'm just saying I feel your indecision. And yes, t-shirts are allowed to have their own safe-deposit box.

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